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The Beachfront Promenade

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  • 18-11-2015
The Beachfront Promenade

The Beachfront Promenade

While you are in Weymouth there are many things to do and see. There are a lot of places that bring history to life or offer the kids a great day out. There are also numerous fun rides and attractions for them to enjoy throughout the area.

If you would like to calm things down for a moment, relax a little bit and go at a slower pace then the beach front promenade is the place to go.

The level walkway/ cyclist path follows the beaches and makes for a great place for a walk. The promenade goes for about 2 miles, following the curve of the bay from Preston Beach to the pier. The walk offers some of the most incredible views of Weymouth and the beautiful Jurassic Coast.

If you would like to continue on when you reach the pier then you can always take a ferry across the river or go into town and cross the Town Bridge. You can then visit the Nothe Fort and have a great day exploring all of the history that the fort has to offer.

B and B Weymouth

Our Hotel in Weymouth offers the perfect location for visiting the local attractions including The Beachfront Promenade.

The reason the walk is so relaxing is because there are many places to stop at along the way. Firstly some beautiful beaches to relax on and watch the world go by from. There is also many pubs, cafés and restaurants to visit along the walk if you fancy putting your feet up.

The promenade is the perfect place for a relaxing walk at any time of the day. The digressions along the way, such as the pubs, provide a wonderful place for a rest stop.