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Tourist Attractions In Weymouth

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Tourist Attractions In Weymouth

Tourist Attractions In Weymouth

There really is a lot to see while you are in Weymouth and nothing that isn't worth while. You will never feel bored while visiting some of the top hotspots in Weymouth. Many have some wonderful views and are a really piece of history for the local area.

Perhaps the best tourist attraction in the world is Weymouth Beach, a place where kids and big kids can have the time of their lives building sand castles on the golden sands and going for a paddle in the beautifully clean sea. This famous tourist attraction has been pulling visitors to the Weymouth coast for many many years now and we love it!

Weymouth harbour is another wonderful attraction here. On the day you are going to go to the harbour we recommend that you don't make any other plans as once you arrive at the harbour you will never want to leave. There is so much going on: there is beautiful boats moored up, dancing, stalls and local produce. Take your time and explore the very heart of our lovely town.

For kids and the adults, Abbotsbury Swannery is a wonderful place to visit while you are here. At certain times of the year you will be able to see the cute little cygnets following their parents around and there are some wonderful talks with times for feeding the swans. It is great for kids to learn about an amazing bird such as the swan.

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These are but a few places to go while you are in the Weymouth area. There is a lot more to do and see during your visit like the Tudor House and the Weymouth Tower. We can happily recommend the perfect thing to do when you arrive.

If you are planning to visit any of these tourist attractions in Weymouth, we welcome you to stay at our friendly Bed and Breakfast.