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Pirate Adventure Golf

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Pirate Adventure Golf

Visiting Weymouth: Pirate Adventure Golf

During your time in Weymouth there is a lot to see and do and many ways of entertaining the kids, and the big kids, However perhaps the best way of getting some entertainment is the Pirate Adventure Golf course. The golf course is open from 11am daily and when you arrive you better be set for some fun.

The 18 hole mini golf course is not all about playing golf. It is about pirates too, and who doesn't love a pirate? The golf course is safe for kids over the age of 3 and really is a huge amount of fun for the whole family.

Each hole offers a new challenge to even the most veteran of mini golf players and you will also learn something about some of the most famous and infamous pirates from around the world at every hole. So the golf course really is for the whole family and you can learn some really interesting facts while you are here. Of course you will also have a great laugh watching everyone trying to putt.

The mini golf course can take as long as you would like. There is no need to hurry round at all, just take your time and have fun, learn some cool facts about pirates of the past along the way and then sail away in to the sunset with a treasure chest full of knowledge.

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If you would like any further information regarding the Pirate Adventure Golf course whilst staying at our Band B, then we will be happy to help when you arrive and can give you direction to it from the guest house.

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