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Ringstead Beach

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  • 25-12-2015
Ringstead Beach

Ringstead Beach - Visiting Weymouth and Portland

During your time in Weymouth there are plenty of ways of getting out into the great outdoors.

There are trails to follow which overlook the Jurassic Coastline and many more ways to fill your lungs with the sea air.

One of the best ways to get outdoors and see all of the wonderful nature that surrounds us here is by going to Ringstead Beach. The beach is a sheltered shingle beach overlooking Weymouth Bay.

The beach offers you a great way to have a traditional seaside holiday. In the height of the summer season the beach can get fairly business and so it is best to get there early to get a good spot for the day. While the kids play you can sit back and lay in the sun all day!

While you are on the beach do be sure to take a look around the coastline. There are plenty of amazing things to see within the rocks as the beach is part of the Jurassic Coastline.

You may well find some fossils while you are there. These are creatures from the deep that have been in the rock for millions of years. You may well be the first human to lay eyes upon them.

The beach is a great day out for the whole family. It isn't as busy as Weymouth Beach. So if you would like a slightly more relaxing day at the beach then this is certainly the place for you.

Dogs are permitted on the beach all year round so the whole family can tag along for a days fun!