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Sandsfoot Castle

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Sandsfoot Castle

Sandsfoot Castle

Sandsfoot Castle was completed in about 1539, on order of King Henry VIII. The order was for it to used in conjunction with Portland Castle as a defence for shipping in the safe anchorage of Portland Harbour. Now though it provides you with a very interesting day out for the whole family.

The castle was actually ruined in 1584 because they had underestimated the power of the sea. Work to fix the castle was undertaken in 1610/1611 and again in 1623.

It was held for the king during the Civil War until the Royalists withdrew considering it was of no further use. For some of this period it was probably used as a mint for striking coinage.

Sandsfoot Castle was dropped from the Military Register in 1665 but remained a store house until 1691. it never saw any serious military action.

Attractions in Weymouth

There is a great history behind the castle full of fascinating stories that are quite hard to believe but all true.

It is truly worth exploring while you are in Weymouth. It also have some beautiful gardens to go along with the castle ruins which landscape was improved upon by the ruins underneath it.

Sandsfoot Castle is a great place for a family picnic where you can play garden games for as long as you like, just be careful of the pond!

The gardens overlook the beautiful sea as well so it is a wonderful place to explore for any one. There is a lot of history to learn about and a lot of garden to relax in.