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The Redcliff in the news

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  • 22-04-2016
The Redcliff in the news

The Redcliff  is encouraging other hotel and bed and breakfast owners to offer vital work opportunities to people with learning disabilities.

Sue, who for many years, fostered young people with learning difficulties and other disabilities. When moving to The Redcliff she wanted to carry on with this work in some capacity. So after a lot of investigation and telephone calls we found Kim, from Stepping Stones.

Thanks to help from Kim from Dorset County Council, we were introduced to Declan, a 20-year-old local lad, and were happy to employ him. The relationship has proved immensely beneficial for both parties to the point where we have now employed a second person. Emma came to us through Kim and started work at the start of April.

Declan says the chance to work and earn his own money has given him a new found confidence, while John and Sue said their new employee has proved a great asset to the team.

John and Sue, who employ five people in total, said when they needed a part-time kitchen assistant at the guest house in May last year, they were keen to try and find someone who really needed the job.

John said: "We just thought we had this little job that needed filling so why not give someone a chance in life.

"He's a good worker, he does his job and he never whinges or moans."

Declan said he had been looking for work for a while and had been delighted to find the job with John and Sue.

He said it has helped him grow in confidence and helped him prove he is capable of holding down a job.

Declan said: "It's been really good fun.

"It's very much appreciated."

Kim Mason, vocational support officer for Stepping Stones, said that John and Sue were the first people to ever approach the service asking if they had anyone suitable to work for them.

Kim normally has to seek out employers who are happy to employ people with learning disabilities and says it can be a challenge sometimes to convince them.

She said that many, like Declan, just need an opportunity to show what they can do and being given a chance can help them transform their employment prospects.

Kim said: "You can see how his confidence has grown.

"It's not a charity, we are supporting people who have skills and are able to do many jobs and are really reliable."

John said that there are a lot of small hotels and other employers in the Weymouth area that are in a position to give people a chance in employment.

He said: "I think it's vital, we all run small hotels and there are numerous small jobs that people can do.

"It's a part time job that can give people confidence in life.

"In a way we actually hope Declan leaves and gets himself a full time career.

"But I'm happy to have him here and he can stay as long as he likes."

John added: "It's satisfying for us because it gives somebody a chance."

For more information about the Stepping Stones service contact Kim on 01305 760139 or email k.m[email protected]