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Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

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  • 30-09-2015
Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

During your time in Weymouth there is are a lot of exciting places to visit; the Sea Life adventure park, the beach, arcades, the beach and a lot more. With all of the fun that you will be having you may want to take a break from the madness and find a place to relax. If you wish to visit a tranquil and calming place, well that is exactly what Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens offers it guests.

These amazing gardens were first started in 1765 by the first countess of Ilchester as a kitchen garden. Since then it has been developed in to a beautiful 30 acre paradise full of rare and exotic plants from around the world. Many of the plants that are in the gardens were actually the first introductions in to this country by the descendants of the countess.

The garden is a mixture of formal and informal gardens that are wonderful to explore and experience the calming atmosphere that a garden like this can produce. There are some wonderful collections of very rare flowers and plants that you are unlikely to see in any other place in the country.

There is a gift shop and a restaurant on site as well as a great plant shop that offers many of the flowers grown in the garden for sale.

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These gardens are simply a great place to explore. They provide you with a great place for kids to discover some amazing facts and odd looking flowers but they are also large enough for you to go and have a bit of time by yourself and come back to Weymouth feeling nice and relaxed.

For a great place to stay in Weymouth, we welcome you to stay at our friendly Bed and Breakfast. We are perfectly located for a visit to Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens in Weymouth.