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Public Art in Weymouth & Portland

The very first statue to be put in to Weymouth was to celebrate George III's love for the town. That was over 150 years ago and in the 80's the town got a bit of spruce up in response to Portland's wild environment with Tout Quarry Sculpture Park and John Maine's Chiswell Earthworks.

There was also another burst of creativity in the town when it played host to all the sailing events in the Olympics.

Here are our top 3 picks for the very best sculptures in Weymouth and Portland. These are must see why you are here and offer a wonderful insight into the history of both towns.

The Jurassic Stones

The sculpture is located near the Jurassic roundabout in Littlemoor, Weymouth. Each boulder weighs between two and nine tones and was formed between 160 and 65 million years ago. The stones were put in place to welcome people to the area in 2012 and to be a reminder that Weymouth is part of the only Natural World Heritage Site in the UK.

Wish You Were Here - Weymouth Deck Chair Project

This amazing piece can only be seen in summer but it is a marvel to behold. 430 members of the community were involved in the workshop to design 500 deckchairs. You can really see some amazing styles within the three themes and it is a great piece of art to explore while you are here.

Torpedasaur, Under the Hill and Frame

This piece is situated on Mercury Road, on the old New Look factory site. The work represents the industrial heritage of the town, community stories and social history of the area. There is also references to King George III's love for the town and the Jurassic Coastline. A true piece of art that represents the area perfectly.

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