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Great Things To Do In Weymouth

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Great Things To Do In Weymouth

Great Things To Do In Weymouth

During you stay at our guest house you will have many things to keep you entertained in the local area. Weymouth has been a very popular place to come on your holidays for many years now, so they is always something more to do on your next trip.

Weymouth is famous for it's sandy beaches; Chesil Beach and of course Weymouth beach. These sandy beaches stretch for mile upon mile and so there is always a place to sit and it is a great place for a nice walk in the evening. The beaches are very safe and clean so is perfect for the kids to play on all day long and there are many shops around to buy drinks and food from all day.

The beach also offers you a lot of water sports which are great for all ages. If any one is up for an adrenaline fuelled fun packed day then the beach can provide you with just that.

There are also some wonderful places to learn about the history of the area and beyond here in Weymouth. Places such as Nothe Fort which is very entertaining as well as educational for the whole family. Nothe Fort has some great underground tunnels to explore and a whole lot more.

B and B Weymouth

If you are planning to visit any of these attractions in Weymouth, we welcome you to stay at our comfortable Bed and Breakfast.

There really is something for everyone in Weymouth. It is perfect for a traditional family holiday or a couple looking to hide away for a few days. Weymouth has a lot of charm and character and you are sure to find something to keep you entertained to do whilst you are here.