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Things To Do In Weymouth For The Kids

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Things To Do In Weymouth For The Kids

Things To Do In Weymouth For The Kids

As Weymouth has been inviting families down for really traditional family seaside holidays for many years, you may expect that there are a ton of things to do with the kids here. Whatever they might be in to, you will find something interesting to do with them while you are here.

One of the most popular places in Weymouth, for many years has been the Sea Life Adventure Park and Tower. There are some great rides here and amazing sea life displays as well. There is also the tower which has a 360 degree view of Weymouth and the famous coastline.

A great place to take your kids before you take them to the famous beach is SandWorld Sand Sculpture Park. This is great for giving the kids some inspiration for sand castles and the work is truly beautiful here. The kids will love it and so will you. They can also try out some sand sculpture and they have all the tools they need right there.

Nothe Fort is a wonderful place to take the kids to learn about some history. There is a lot of information on offer here but that’s not all. Nothe Fort also provides a thrilling labyrinth of underground passageways and also a lot of outdoor areas with some amazing views of the coastline.

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These are just a few places to make sure you visit with your kids while you are here, there is a lot more to do or you could just sit and play on the beach all day long and let them eat ice-cream and burgers, after all, they are on holiday.

For a great place to stay in Weymouth, we welcome you to stay at our friendly Bed and Breakfast. We are perfectly located for a visit to any of these kids attractions in Weymouth.