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Tyneham is a village in the Weymouth area that has such a curious story attached to it. If you are interested in history then this amazing little village is certainly not one to miss out on while you are in Weymouth.

The story began at Christmas in 1943. This is when the British Government commandeered the village to use for strategic practise to win the war effort. This move uprooted 252 people from their homes with the promise that after the war was won that they could return to their homes. They never did.

In 1948 the military put a compulsory purchase order on the land. The people were never allowed to return although they kept up their fight. The Lord of Tyneham was compensated and the people were given a bit of compensation, mainly for the crops they had planted in advance.

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Our Pet friendly hotel in Weymouth offers the perfect location for visiting the local attractions including Tyneham.

The military still owns the land to this day. It still use it for training and practises. They do use live ammo during their training sessions. As you may imagine it isn't a good idea to go there while they are doing that. They do however open up the village to the public, normally through the school holidays.

Although much of the village has fallen into disrepair there are still some buildings that stand. The school house and church are now museums. If you happen to be coming to Weymouth during the school holidays we urge you to go here. The village is beautiful, isolated and very quiet. It is filled with as much interesting information as bullet holes and it is a must for any history buffs out there!