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A Great Family Day Out at Sea Life Park

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  • 20-08-2016
A Great Family Day Out at Sea Life Park

A Great Family Day Out at Sea Life Park

The Weymouth Sea Life Centre is a great location to visit. It’s the perfect location for the whole family. Read more here about what it has to offer and why you should visit.

The Weymouth Sea Life Centre is open all year round. It has various marine life exhibitions that everyone can enjoy.

There are also many rides for children and a water play area. If you want to spend time indoors you can visit the Shark Reef Centre. Here you will find plenty of sharks and fish.

There is also a breeding centre and nursery. Here you can see various baby creatures and even seahorses. There is even a little sanctuary that you can visit.

It offers a walk-through underwater tunnel that has beautiful views of these creatures. Then you can also enjoy a great display called Treasures of the Deep.

When you go outdoors there are plenty of animals to see. This includes penguins, seals and crocodiles.

It's a great way for the children to enjoy the outdoors and learn about these animals. You can also visit during feeding times for specific animals. There are also rock pools and great creatures like starfish and spider grabs.

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