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Dorset Heaths

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Dorset Heaths

Dorset Heaths

Heathlands are very important to wildlife. Dorset is one of the few areas where heathlands exist. Take a look at what you can expect when you visit Dorset Heaths.

The heathlands in Dorset covered more than 50,000 hectares. These areas go from Dorchester to Avon Valley. They offer wide open spaces that are perfect for wildlife and people. These heathlands offer spaces for plants and animals to thrive and grow.

The original area was reduced over the years. This is due to road expansions and agriculture. But there are still plenty of open spaces that make all the difference. Now the heathlands cover around 7,000 hectares. You can read more about the Dorset Heaths online and visit the area to enjoy a day outdoors with the family. It’s relaxing and absolutely beautiful.

If you have kids, you can have them take part in free education sessions. Schools are often invited to attend and they will learn to appreciate these lands. Wardens will regularly patrol these heathlands. They will also attend various local events and be a point of contact for the general public.

These areas are regularly monitored. This helps to identify potential problem areas and to identify areas in need. There are plenty of projects ongoing in these areas. They also include a program that promote responsible dog ownership. You can find out more about these programs online, and how you can take part in them.

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