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Weymouth Entertainment

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Weymouth Entertainment

Entertainment in Weymouth

Weymouth has a lot to offer tourists and locals. Let’s take a look at the entertainment you can expect to enjoy when visiting Weymouth with your family.

If you love entertainment, you’ll enjoy visiting Weymouth. There are live bands, classical music concerts and a variety of shows to enjoy. 

This is a great way to spend time with the family. you can also go enjoy shopping in the town centre, with plenty of live bands and music available.

If you are a ballet lover, you’ll appreciate the variety of stage experiences that Weymouth has. There are plenty of ballet performances, as well as Shakespeare plays on the big screen. Arts and music lovers will truly enjoy these performances. It’s ideal for a family treat when you visit Weymouth. 

When the sun goes down over the harbour, you can prepare for a late night lightshow dancing performance. There will always be music from the various pubs and restaurants too. 

You can stay busy all night, and enjoy a variety of music and entertainment options. During the day you can enjoy shopping in one of many shopping centres in Weymouth. 

Some of the great venues to visit include The Palm House Café, which offers a unique bistro-type café. They are located in the heart of Weymouth. You can also play bingo, visit the cinema and enjoy creative crafts while you are on your holiday. Then there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. 

When you visit Weymouth, be sure to book your accommodation at the Redcliff Guest House. Contact us on 01305 784682 for more information and booking options.