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Exploring Dorset

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Exploring Dorset

Exploring Dorset

When you decide to visit Dorset, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Let’s take a look at what Dorset has to offer and why it is such a popular tourist destination.

Dorset definitely has a lot to offer, especially for visitors. There is a variety of guides and tours available. This makes it ideal for the whole family.

You can download a range of maps for Dorset. This will tell you where you can cycle, walk or ride in the area. The maps are updated so you will always have the most relevant information available.

With these maps you can easily plan your trip in advance. These routes will cover both public access and private routes. You can choose between activities like horse riding, walking and cycling. You can do more than one trail, depending on your requirements. You can even do these trips as a group.

When you visit Dorset you can explore everything the area has to offer. This will also allow you to enjoy tourist attractions, restaurants and more. You can also book affordable accommodation for yourself and your family. This means you can really enjoy your stay in Dorset.

You’ll also need to know what public rights of ways are in Dorset. You’ll get a definitive map where you can view this. This can also be downloaded. If you have any questions you can contact the authorities or find information online.

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