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Lodmoor RSPB Nature Reserve

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  • Lodmoor RSPB Nature Reserve
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  • 10-08-2016
Lodmoor RSPB Nature Reserve

Lodmoor RSPB Nature Reserve

The Lodmoor RSPB Nature Reserve is located in Weymouth. It’s a wonderful family outing for everyone who loves nature. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to enjoy.

While you can see plenty of birds all year round, some seasons are spectacular. During autumn. You can see the migration of hundreds of swallows and wagtails. You can see amazing views and even see how specific chicks grow up until summer.

During spring you will see the arrival of martins and swallows. It's a great experience and definitely educational as well. This is a time where many people visit the nature reserve. During summer you can see many hobbies flying to catch smaller birds. It is a very busy season in the nature reserve.

Autumn allows you to see kingfishers and do best. Some birds also stop by this area on their way to Africa. You may catch a glimpse of birds like wood sandpipers and black-tailed godwits. You will see a unique range of goods during this great season. Winter has its own surprises.

Visiting a nature reserve is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in Weymouth. This great seaside town has much to offer, including outdoor activities. They the whole family along and book your accommodation as well. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy everything that Weymouth has to offer.

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