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Michael Jackson Tribute

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  • Maisie
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  • 26-10-2018

Michael Jackson Tribute

Over the years there have been millions of Michael Jackson tribute acts, however i think that Weymouth Pavilion have a very special tribute act this November. The tribute artist is called 'Navi', and is one of the best tribute bands, as he performed in front of Michael Jackson himself. During a birthday party in LA, Navi performed in front of MJ and received a standing applause, which let to them becoming close friends. Navi even became a decoy for Michael, and was used to distract fans when needed. 

The tribute act will be performed at Weymouth Pavilion, on the 24th, and will be suitable for the entire family. Navi  will performing with his band dancers, and will be singing some of the classics, like Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and Beat it. Make sure you watch as it will probably be the best Michael Jackson tribute you might ever see.

Tickets are available for purchase here.