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Parks and Countryside

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  • 13-10-2016
Parks and Countryside

Parks and Countryside

Visiting Dorset can be very exciting. With a range of parks, nature reserves and gardens you’ll have plenty to do. Dorset is a great place to visit and ideal for a family getaway.

When it comes to spending time outdoors, Dorset is a great place to visit. There is plenty to do outside and there are great accommodation options available. You can spend a lot of time with the family by visiting parks and nature reserves. This is especially great during the summer months.

If you love to visit country parks you can choose from many options. There is Avon Heath, Lodmoor and Durlston, among others. They have beautiful scenery and you can get the best of Dorset countryside. You can also visit nature reserves to see some of the animals close by. Dorset has a wonderful scenery and environment that visitors can truly enjoy.

You can also visit Dorset Heaths. These areas are important for wildlife and offers wide open spaces. Other parks and gardens that you can visit include a range of colourful flower gardens.

If you have a family, you can choose to visit a children’s play area. There are wheel parks for children and even trails to enjoy. You can take your whole family for a day out on Dorset.

You can find information online like activities and walking trails. There are also dog walking trails in Dorset that you can take part in. It’s the ideal way to enjoy a day out with the family in Dorset. Redcliff Guest House provides affordable accommodation in Weymouth. Visit us online to make a booking or phone 01305 784682.