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Portland Plateau

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  • 17-02-2016
Portland Plateau

Portland Plateau

During your time in Weymouth there are plenty of ways of getting out in nature and having a wonderful time. The beach is perhaps the most popular way of doing this but one of the most beautiful ways is the walk at Portland Plateau. Its is a 5.4 mile walk mostly on coastal paths and disused quarry tracks that is beautiful all year round.

During your time on the walk there is plenty along the way to keep you occupied. You can explore Sculpture park, Tout Quarry Nature Reserve and more.

Extensive quarrying has left the landscape in the area with barrows, gullies and terraces that are wonderful to explore. After the quarries were all abandoned, nature took the landscape back. So there is a natural feel as you make your way along Portland's northern plateau.

We highly recommend going when the tides are up as this offers a special moment. You can look out on the sea and see 5 to 6 opposing currents off shore clashing together and producing turbulent waves. It is a wonderful spectacle that will leave all visitor with a lasting impression.

Sightseeing in Weymouth

Portland Plateau is a great place for photographers and walkers. It is a relaxing walk through nature, with plenty of wildlife to keep an eye out for.

The plateau can be very windy so a coat is recommended in some weather. But it is a truly wonderful place and you will quickly forget about the wind after the walk has warmed you up.

If you would like to get out into nature Portland Plateau is certainly the perfect place for you. You can see plenty of amazing things along your journey adding a great day out during your time in Weymouth.