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Radipole Lake RSPB Nature Reserve

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  • 04-08-2016
Radipole Lake RSPB Nature Reserve

Radipole Lake RSPB Nature Reserve

The Radipole Lake Nature Reserve is a very popular attraction in Weymouth. It’s a great location for anyone who loves the outdoors. Read more about this nature reserve here.

If you want to visit a great outdoor location, choose Radipole Lake Nature Reserve. There is something for everyone to enjoy and is ideal family outing. The nature reserve offers plenty of wildlife in a wide variety of birds to enjoy. It can be an educational trip for the family.

As a family, you can take part in a variety of sales and the events. During summer there are special events like bug hunts and pond dipping.

This means there are always something to do with this nature reserve. During springtime you will mainly see flocks of swallows over the water. You will also see grasshopper, whitethroats and Cetti’s warblers.

During summer you’ll notice how birds make their first journey to the other side of the world. You will see small birds and dragonflies and plenty of flowering plants. These in turn attract peacocks and butterflies. It's really something beautiful if you love the outdoors.

Autumn is the time when birds are migrating. Some will go to the cold Arctic, while others will head south to warmer temperatures. Winter brings along its own surprises like me anyway sales and flocks of birds flying to keep warm. This is a great reason to visit the nature reserve.

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