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Stone Pier

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Stone Pier

Stone Pier

When it comes to visiting Weymouth, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy. This includes Stone Pier. It’s a great family outing to experience. Read more about why Stone Pier is so popular.

Stone Pier can be found on the east side of Weymouth beach. It was originally built as protection for the harbour entrance.

It’s ideal to take the family out and enjoy the wonderful views. You can use this as the perfect place to enjoy Bass, Mackerel, Pollock and more.

You can also use Stone Pier to help teach your kids about fishing. It’s the perfect spot and family friendly too. Stone Pier is a very popular pier and you can enjoy the waves crashing over it. It also offers a beautiful views of the surrounding area. This is one place you have to visit when passing through Weymouth with the family.

Holidays in Weymouth

Stone Pier is only one of the many places you can visit in Weymouth. There are plenty of tourist attractions and activities to the party. There are especially a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy. This includes golf, fishing, hiking trails and more. This is one reason why Weymouth is such a popular tourist destination in the UK.

While you are enjoying Weymouth, book accommodation for the whole family. You can choose between cottages, self-catering units and hotels. This will allow you to make the most of your holiday. Redcliff Guest House provides affordable accommodation in Weymouth. Visit us online to make a booking or phone 01305 784682.